Friday, January 4, 2019

Animal Feed Additives Manufacturer, Wholesale Dealer

Feed additives are non-nutritive substances, preparations and micro-organisms that are added to feed to animal feeds to improve growth performance, feed intake and the efficiency of feed utilization for healthy, economic and eco-friendly livestock production Animal Feed Additive.

We are Manufacturing Feed for Cattle Large Animals-Cow, Buffalo, and Horse.  Swine Pig, Aqua Fish, Poultry Chickens, Dog etc. If you are looking for Wholesale dealer, Wholesaler, Supplier, Distributor so please mails us your query.
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  1. Ashish Life Science believes in creating values in the human-animal ecosystem, they are the best animal health and veterinary product manufacturers in India. A reputed top veterinary company in India that manufactures a variety of veterinary products for different animals and breeds of cattle. We provide products: Antiparasitic, Anti-infective, NSAIDs(Analgesic), Feed Supplements, Supportive.


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